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Recycling is important for our environment and helps keep communities clean, but only if we recycle right! Bagged items are treated like garbage and end up in the landfill. Reuse plastic bags, bubble wrap, resealable plastic bags and then put in the garbage cart when no longer useful. Place acceptable recyclables empty, dry, and loose in your recycling cart.

Sorted recycle bins

Sort Smart: drawing of trash with chip bag, apple core, and plastic bag on left and recycle with glass bottles and can on right

Sort Smart!

Recycling right starts with sorting smart. While throwing items in the garbage should be seen as a last resort, there are some items that are not accepted in the recycling cart. With that in mind, check before you toss it into the recycling cart.

Recycle Right: drawing of jar being emptied of liquid

Recycle Right - Prevent Contamination

Once you’ve properly sorted out your recyclables, place them directly in the recycle cart, do not bag them. Prevent contamination from food-soiled items by making sure that your recyclables are empty and dry.

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